My husband and I love art. He is a talented, skilled and trained artist. I am an appreciator of art. Art is one of those things that can transport you to a different place and time, draw out your emotions and give you insights into the artist and their time in history.  Art can touch people on a very personal level and impact an entire culture. Like reading a good book you get immersed in the story being told.

If an exhibit is well curated it tells a story as magnificent as the art. We have attended exhibits that have been exquisitely curated and others that fell flat.  For those exhibits that have been curated beautifully, there is an intuitiveness that guides the viewer through the exhibit linking the provenance, artistic interpretation, history and back story of each piece and their artists while also connecting the pieces all together.  It gives you information, knowledge and a thirst for more. Art exhibits well curated offer inspiration and leave us feeling awe struck and creatively fulfilled.  

Art exhibits not so thoughtfully curated gives us a sense of being dissatisfied, as if somehow the truth was not unveiled. These exhibits, not the art that is in them, are disappointing.  Good art certainly speaks for itself, but for those of us that did not study art in college or have not been widely exposed to museums, having a show well curated is essential.  Don’t get me wrong, I can go to a poorly curated exhibit and still thoroughly enjoy the art. There are just so many added benefits to a well curated exhibit.

What strikes me each time we attend an exhibit is both the volume of people attending and the cross section of people.  It is amazing and wonderful how many people, from all walks of life, age groups and all nationalities, appreciate art. It is, in this common experience; that we all come to a place to see canvases (or other works of art) that were perhaps created centuries before, that survived and are being gazed upon and appreciated in this modern age, that touches our souls. That’s just it; the works of art touch our souls.  We can see and feel the creativity jump off the canvas and fill us with the desire to experience or create something beautiful, lasting and meaningful.

We all have our favorite mediums and favorite pieces within a medium but we can appreciate the work, creativity, skill and dedication is takes to create and complete any work of art.  The artists make it look easy.  Their eye and developed skill captures a moment in time for us to revel in, while revealing that moment could take years for the artist to complete.  That is dedication, perseverance and passion.

Art is about passion and desire intrinsically manifesting through the artist. We as observers and appreciators can also be passionate about our likes, dislikes, interpretations and opinions of what constitutes good art and extraordinary art.  Those are discussions and debates that have lasted through the ages, and along with the art, they will never end.

Cultivating creativity is vital for our world. Art gives us a playground to explore and transcend our ordinary existence. Passion, determination, skill, practice, patience and perseverance are all traits necessary in creating and living an artful life. Here’s to curating life magnificently.