There have been a couple of times in my life where I have been transported from the here and now to a different place and time.  Where I turned and looked at a certain view and felt as if I was in a portal to another world, another place, another time.

One of these experiences happened on the first Saturday of August of 2008.  I was driving around Lake Tahoe with some friends and the weather was lovely.  We stopped in King’s Beach to stretch our legs and look at an Art Fair that was happening lakeside. I strolled alone looking at the different artists and enjoying myself.  I came to the end of the art exhibits and went a little further before I turned to go back to join my friends.  I stopped briefly and turned to look out at the Lake and breathe it in.

There before me was this amazing scene that I could only describe as otherworldly.  It was beautiful, enchanting and mesmerizing.  The temperature was about 79 degrees, there was a breeze coming across the lake, boats were tethered and riding the waves, people were on the beach playing and sitting under colorful umbrellas and others were riding jet skis amidst the white caps.  As I looked out across the alpine lake the vista was spectacular.  I just stood there in a trance unable to move, drinking it in.  I felt as if I were in a painting or a movie and like Alice, if I were to step on the sand I would disappear into the scene.

I pulled myself out of the trance and headed back to join my group.  One of my friends was walking towards me.  I grabbed him and said “I have something to show you.”  He followed me and when I was again at the exact spot I had him turn around and look. “Just look” I said. He stood there and said the exact same thing that had come into my mind. “It is otherworldly. I feel transported.  This is amazing.”  Neither of us wanted to leave.

The memory of that experience lingers in my mind. I have been back several times over the years to the same place and alas, the portal is gone. On that one day, it was simply perfect. I have tried viewing it from other spots on the beach, but none have the same effect as that one specific location on that particular day.  A perfect moment in time, a portal to another world where happiness and joy dance on the waves and sail through the air filling our hearts and souls with their bounty.